Eido is a design-driven creative studio, creating moving experiences for purposeful brands.

We simplify business stories and create compelling experiences, partnering from concept to campaign.

Our team

Creative Director
Joash Berkeley
Laura Pettit
Selah Berkeley
Sherrie Copp

What we do


By prioritizing the 'why' behind every project, we unlock your company's unique value propositions and bring them to life through compelling experiences and stories. Our Creative Direction focuses on why something is done.


We know that visual communication is a powerful tool. That's why our design approach is focused on achieving one simple goal: clarity. We believe that form, hierarchy, composition, color, and simplicity are all essential components of impactful design. Our Art Direction focuses on how something is done.


We believe that movement is a powerful tool for storytelling. Our deep understanding of fundamental animation principles allows us to express complex ideas and emotions in meaningful ways. We love to give everything some character and a touch of human ingenuity.


We understand the power of sound in creating context and elevating understanding. That's why we partner with top composers in our industry to create captivating music and sound design for our clients' projects. The right sound can make all the difference.

Design-driven brands we've worked with

Our values