CrowdStrike Brand Case Study

Motion System

Our partnership with CrowdStrike has been instrumental in shaping the visual identity of the world's leading cloud-native security platform. Over the past 5 years, we've pushed the boundaries of motion design to create a cohesive visual language that represents their position as a leader in the cybersecurity space. From web and social to product design and conference packages, our work has helped CrowdStrike stand out in a crowded market and stay ahead of the curve.

We discovered that there were some core visual principles that paralleled with CrowdStrike’s position in the cybersecurity space: seeing in the dark and being on the offense in the fight against cyber adversaries. By developing a clear creative philosophy, we were able to build a Modular System of design and animation tools, used to create over 30 videos more efficiently.

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CrowdStrike's Falcon X Recon

Case Study: Shaping a Modular Brand

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Case Study: Shaping a Modular Brand

Case Study: Shaping a Modular Brand




Directed by Eido

Art Direction - Joash Berkeley

Production - Joash Berkeley, Laura Pettit

Design - Joash Berkeley, Philip von Borries, Haewon Shin

Animation - Joash Berkeley, Philip von Borries